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Why Spain?

Reasons for living in Spain - Why would you want to live here? Living in Spain. There are many reasons for living in Spain. If you're thinking of coming here, here are a few we can think of. Climate: The Spanish Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. In coastal provinces people enjoy the sun, the sea and quiet beaches all year round. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Spanish homes in the low season months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still warm enough to enjoy fully all the advantages of living in the country or on the coast. And Spanish paradors usually have foreign guests throughout the low season months. Healthy diet: Experts have been talking about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for years. The traditional Spanish diet - grains, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and even red wine (yes! According to some experts, a glass of red wine a day is good for you!). Learn a few Spanish recipes, take advantage of the excellent quality fruit, fish, vegetables in Spain, and live longer! Spanish language: Spanish is one of the World's leading languages and is spoken by 450 million people in Spain, Latin America and the USA. Take advantage of living in Spain to learn the language. Sign up to do a Spanish language course if somewhere near you offers one, or do one of the free online Spanish courses available on the Internet. Spain - several countries in one: Spain is such a diverse country, that it’s difficult to know where to start. Whether you enjoy the beach, mountains, dry plains, tropical climates, skiing, trekking, long sandy beaches, hidden rocky coves, crisp cold mornings, long warm evenings, sitting by a warm fire watching it snow outside or sitting on a deckchair in the sun, sleepy rural villages, some of Europe's most modern cities, art, Spanish music....... there is simply something for everyone and for every moment. Outdoor life: The climate in many areas of Spain means that if you have the time, energy and motivation, it is not difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you enjoy walking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, water sports, winter sports.... this is the country for you. Spaniards tend to live outside much more than in most other European countries. Check our information on fiestas in Spain if you want to experience days and nights of non-stop fun outdoors. Start participating in that very civilized Spanish habit: el paseo (the walk). And hang up a hammack in your garden to enjoy another one: la siesta (short nap). Spanish culture: The sheer variety and wealth of Spanish culture is the result of the fact that Spain has been home to different races and cultures throughout its long history. Romans, Iberians, Moors, French... and, more recently, Latin American immigrants, foreign residents from northern Europe and beyond. Discover Spanish culture. Visit museums, art galleries, castles. Learn more about the history of Spanish music. Stroll around some Spanish towns and villages to learn of their immense cultural legacy. Merida, Caceres, Trujillo, La Alberca, Albarracín, Pals.... Visit some of the most beautiful places in Spain. Stroll, observe, look and learn. Spanish People: Spanish people are extrovert, they know how to enjoy life, they love eating, partying. The Spaniards are loyal friends and fiercely protective of their families. They are proud of their country, and foreign residents who have chosen to live here are usually valued not only because of the income they leave in Spain, but also because of the good taste they have shown in coming!!! You will enjoy making friends in Spain.


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Delightful 2 Bedroom Villa, With Private Pool And Garage

Delightful 2 Bedroom Villa, With Private Pool And Garage
Benalmadena, Malaga

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